Sports Photography:
Barry has a fast eye and keen sense of action. He prides himself on understanding the player’s position and anticipates the action. This allows him to capture the sports moments as you see them. Of course, sports is not just about the swing of a bat, or the catch of a ball, it is also about the expressions and the moments in between the action.

Family Photography:
Helen’s philosophy on family photography is relatively simple: Capture your family in their own environment whenever possible. Whether at home, a park, or another favorite family spot, the focus has to be that of comfort and familiarity. After all, children are in a state of constant motion. Capturing them is difficult enough, hoping that they will stop and pose is an exercise in futility.

Why put unnecessary stress on yourself and your family in hopes of getting that one "smile?" Do you really want a photo that reminds you more of bribing your child with fruit snacks than that of a family day at the park? Does that split-second, forced smile at the mall photography studio really embody your child? The answer is almost always "no." Wouldn't you rather remember your child running from the camera, dancing a silly dance, or showing that mischievous grin that you know so well?

That is our goal…. to capture your child as vividly as possible by creating photographs that will forever remind you of that moment in your family’s life.

Event Photography:
The key to capturing event photography is not much different than Sporting or Family moments. Faces, places, expressions and action are all there. Barry and Helen offer a stylistic view of the environment, people and action. We will provide a comprehensive documenting of your gathering or event.